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You are about to make it to the ranks of the world's most prestigious organization. You've made it here because you chose to seek. You chose to seek the massive power that's provided to those that wish to be Illuminated. The Illuminati believes that a person who is unwise with a few will do worse with a lot. We'll entrust you with several millions if you entrust us with a little. Launch your membership and the good will follow. In doing so, you'll have already set yourself apart from the millions who still linger in the dark.

Next: Once you complete this one-time process, we'll issue you with a Membership Certificate and open your Membership File. We'll then add you to our list of eligible Illuminati Members, and furnish you with more info.

This season's recruitment quota is almost full; closing soon. Join today and achieve abundance.

  • » Your membership eligibility status is final; gauged via this standardized process
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  • » Dedicate part of the goodies and rewards given to UPLIFT the poor on the planet;
  • » Dedicate your mind to the discovery of KNOWLEDGE and progress of ABUNDANCE

The Illuminati values your privacy. To preserve anonymity, all membership dues and tokens are handled through paypal, safari star or credit/debit card gateways. Please be assured that 'illuminati' or 'NWO' or 'prestigious society' or related terms will NOT feature anywhere on your statements. Always keep it secret! The process is administered by our Department of Recruitment (DoREC) and our Department of Finance (DoFIN; while our Department of Distribution (DoDIS) handles dispatch of authentic illuminati items - all operating under the auspice of the Illuminati Society.

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