Are Illuminati Members Human?

Perceptive readers have noted that uncommon phrases appear as recurring themes in The First Testament, specifically references to “your world” when mentioning the planet Earth and “your species” when referring to humanity. Some have taken these terms as indications that Illuminati members are of a species that is not human.

Are Illuminati Members Human?

These allusions are intentional. We refer to this planet as “your world” and to humanity as “your species” to encourage an understanding of unified responsibility and authority. In simpler terms, it is the concept that this planet and its inhabitants continue to survive due to cooperation between individuals with vastly differing beliefs and objectives.

The Illuminati works as a guiding force to facilitate this global cooperation and to ensure order even when the individuals involved are unaware. As time goes on, we must prepare new leaders from the world’s billions. Our choice of words are used to subtly remind all people of the immense power they wield simply by being human, and to awaken a sense of purpose in those who can become future guardians of the human species.

A large number of people never reach for opportunities that are available to them because they do not recognize their own supremacy. Many believe that they cannot rise above their place in society simply because of when, who, or where they were born.

Each human is born a child of privilege simply by being a member of this planet’s most dominant species.

Even the poorest human is royal by birth, with authority over every other animal, plant, and form of life that shares this vast floating rock in space. Centuries of hardship have already been overcome by humanity’s ancestors in order to give the species a chance to thrive.

Unfortunately, few humans realize this advantage. Many practice a formulaic path of life throughout generations, convincing themselves and their children that they are societally shackled and abused by others who attain success upon the backs of the downtrodden. Many who are free convince themselves that they are trapped by inescapable economic slavery — a false belief in which they find comfort by shifting blame onto invisible forces instead of their own lack of determination or effort.

Beware those who spend more time despising the wealthy than striving to become wealthy themselves.

Birthright claims that some humans are better than others simply because of their family origins, but this has no foundation in science nor study. Historically, the concept was used to pacify large populations under the rule of specific family bloodlines who claimed their authority was theologically favored.

But in modern society, birthright serves little purpose other than pageantry and historical pride. By seeking information, all people may attain greatness through their own determination — even if some require more effort than others.

It is better to die while fighting for freedom than to live a century in peaceful slavery.

There are grave dangers in thinking that a person cannot improve themselves because of where or to whom they were born. Perpetuating a belief in privileged birthrights conversely supports its harmful opposite: if some are born better than others, some must be born lesser. Placing blame on societal slavery only continues to restrain further generations to shackles that are weak enough to unlock but all-too-often go untested.

All humans are built of the same materials as kings and queens. Human authority comes from subconscious belief, not genetic differences. If a person does not believe they have any power, they are quick to relinquish it to others.

All sheep are born and die as sheep. All humans are born and die as humans, but some become shepherds along the way.

Humans are not sheep. Some desire to lead and others to follow, but all are humans and have parts to play in the Universal Design.

It is natural for humans to seek what is comforting. There is security in being carried on the backs of leaders instead of walking through dark forests on your own feet. There is no fault in those who choose to follow, only in those who claim their choice was made by anyone but themselves.

Leaders are merely followers brave enough to take one step further than the others around them.

The Illuminati is wholly comprised of residents of this planet dedicated to the protection and prosperity of the human species. As with all people, we have no powers of birthright. Our members come from all walks of life: all races, all religions, all beginnings. We unite under the belief that all people, in all places, deserve to live in Abundance.

Many of our members were born into privilege due to their wealth, gender, color, or family lineage. Though their journeys are shorter and smoothly paved, they carry generations of experience and knowledge that are valuable to society.

But our most esteemed members are those who began as the poorest, the most downtrodden, the most oppressed — for their journeys were the hardest, and the challenges they faced made them worthy of greatness.

By referring to “your world” and “your species” we strive to encourage each individual’s understanding that they are responsible for themselves and the future of this planet. This world is yours to govern; this species is yours to protect. Regardless of the hardships a person may face, there are thousands of others who crossed the same treacherous path. Many failed along the way. Many others succeeded, as can you.

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