People from all walks of life become members of Illuminati for reasons that are as varied as the individuals that comprise our Order. For some, they follow in the footsteps of their fore family members etc. For others, they want to improve the community in which they live by helping those in need. Hereunder we feature personal stories of some of our members about why they are a part of the world’s oldest secret society. These testimonials will be added periodically and perhaps one will strike a chord with you and help you begin your own story about why you became an Illuminati!

Kelvin Smith

“My life changed for better when I was confirmed to a full member of the Illuminati. I am always guided remotely and treated with dignity and respect. I have a feeling of belonging to something true and tried by history, a good something. I have but one regret and that is: I did not take this step many years ago. Being a part of this esteemed society makes me look for the right path to take. It is becoming the compass to guide by, and I am glad to be a part of this oldest and greatest secret society to ever exist.”

DJ Jackson

“I am in the light now and I have to serve others through the music that I do and let them know that I understand their pain and what they going through. Salute to The Illuminati and know you watching out for us”

Karla Ford

“My business will soon go international. The tools, materials, and secrets given has enabled me to pursue profitable ventures. I have learned that greatness is not about who you are but who you believe you can become. Thumbs up for moving me a step higher on the pyramid.”

Randy Miller

“My political dream came to reality. I won the local seat. Credits to the powers that you cast upon me. I’m now that leader who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. I’ll continue being a lantern to my constituents, leading them to great prosperity, abundance, and happiness.”

Tanya Campbell

“After joining the Illuminati Society, I found that there is a special bond among the members that transcends religion, financial status, titles, or stature in the community. We can disagree in our illuminated place, sometimes heatedly, but at the end of the evening as we leave the sanctity of Our World, we are still comrades with a mission to forego all divisions of geographical, religious, or political beliefs, so that we can strive to form a planet where all people, in all places, can live in abundance.”

Helen Wright

“Since joining the Illuminati, my acting and modeling career rose to monumental levels. Thanks for the talent, confidence, guidance, and illumination. Indeed, Illuminati is like being part of a fantastic story where you just want to learn more and more. While doing so, you create great networks with elites and meet new friends, that will stay with you as you scale the pyramid for the rest of your life.”

William Baker

“The lessons, tips, and secrets granted to members have helped me in my personal life and my fellow members continue to amaze me in their dedication to leave the planet better than we found it. I’m proud to be an Illuminati and would recommend anybody who is curious to contact the Illuminati Society.”

Rachel Flores

“I became part of something big — the Illuminati – because I wanted to develop myself. I like the Illuminati because it is all about building character and supporting individual members. It’s these foundations that allow members to develop themselves, from increased self-confidence to transferable skills such as public speaking, sports, acting, modeling, music, and biz.”

Ishfaq Singh

“I became a member of the Illuminati because of the want and need I had to be a part of something bigger than myself. I searched all of my life for a place to fit in. I tried motorcycle clubs, churches, and even drinking dens. Nothing filled the gap I had in my life until I contacted the Illuminati Society. I got accepted and confirmed after some weeks. Being an Illuminati filled the lonely hole in my life with true network, friendship and love. It was a state I felt safe from the worldly vices, not judging or reprimanding, but ever having a watchful eye. The Society aided in correcting my errors and in making me a better person, influencing me to be a better husband and father, and using the benefits granted to help the needy in the community.”

Diana Howard

“Since joining the Illuminati Society I have pushed myself into everything thrown at me and I thrive on being a trailblazer for the prestigious organization helping towards various causes. I’m also a member of the Illuminati Society Chapter in Australia and New Zealand, which I believe is a great network suited to inspiring young and new Illuminati members looking to get stuck in and have fun while they do it.”

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