Why has the Illuminati decided to go public?

Many citizens have asked why a global organization would relinquish their hold upon their deepest secrets in such a public manner. Why risk turning a population against us when secrecy has served so well?

The age of Illuminatiam approaches. The people of this planet are ready to accept the Light. And our enemies will do nothing because they do not believe we exist.

The revelations in the Testament have been in effect for decades, but they were already being planned decades earlier than that. Anyone who reads the Testament or our other tools as a means to subvert our authority will find their scheme to be futile. The components are so deeply established in modern society, there is nothing anyone could do to change them even if they tried. Not even the world’s most powerful leaders can alter planetary law.

There will always be a voice whispering that the Illuminati does not exist. Our hold upon the modern human subconscious inclines our enemies to dismiss our public outreach as a hoax and something they can simply do nothing about. In this way, doubt remains our strongest defense.

For more information, read the Illuminatiam: chapter 1

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